156.  Priore machine:  a device built by Antoine Priore in France, which cured terminal cancers and leukemias in thousands of laboratory animals in the 1960's and 1979's.  Complex nested modulations were mixed in a rotating plasma, which modulates the signals (producing nested stages of modulations upon modulations, which is necessary to reach into a sufficient number of hyper-spaces/nested virtual levels of vacuum).  The device produced very complex, phase conjugate (time-reversed) hyperspatial signals of some 17 or more dimensions.  These time-reversed signals were imposed upon an intense, rippling magnetic field carrier, and induced into the body of the irradiated animal, eventually causing the remission of the disease after several treatments.  The signal was able to "work on" some 17 levels of the biopotential.  Hundreds and hundreds of terminal cases were cured in laboratory animals.  The nested modulations formed hyperspatial, multidimensional components in their "giant photon" vacuum engines.  This constituted scalar electromagnetic and virtual state engineering in 17-d spacetime, and the machine directly affected the life force frequency channel (consciousness loop) and master virtual electromagnetic (scalar wave) control system of the cells.  It would appear that Priore had worked out combinations of frequencies, etc. that, when expressed in time-reversed waves, reverse abnormal mammalian cells, but do not affect normal cells.  With the change in regimes in France and the death of Priore, the large new machine (which would have been used to treat humans) was dismantled and the discovery passed into disarray.