155.  Priore, Antoine:  French inventor, who invented a large electromagnetic machine which produced nearly incredible cures of terminal cancers in hundreds and hundreds of laboratory animal rests in the 1960's and early 1970's.  Priore's results were presented to the French Academy by the Secretary Perpetuel and Head of the Biology Section, M. Robert Courrier.  The French Government financed Priore's work for several years, then abandoned it when the regime changed.  Priore produced complex phase conjugate (time reversed) EM signals in a giant rotating plasma, then sent these time-reversed signals down a rippling magnetic field into and through every cell of the treated body.  By magnetic resonance of the rippling field, the phase conjugated signals were coupled into the atomic nuclei of the body, thus reversing the harmful structuring of the cellular biopotentials, which are centered in and on and from the atomic nuclei.  This "backtracked" the circulating substructure components within the biopotential, reverting it back to a previous state where the disease was not present.  Kindling this pattern into observable state thus reversed and eliminated the disease.  (The sharp reader will immediately note that it is readily possible to reverse the aging process, given the development of this technology.  So-called "eternal physical life" - or certainly indefinite physical life with youth and vigor - is achievable.).  With the death of Priore, the work has ceased and the machine has been dismantled, since no one in the French Academy knew of phase conjugation or understood how it worked.  Priore's last machine was nearly four stories high and was intended to treat terminal human cases as well as larger animals such as monkeys.