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84. Gravitational field:

Rigorously, the curvature of spacetime. In our earlier scalar EM, gravitational potential was regarded as locked-up (infolded) electromagnetic forces which sum or multiply to zero. Electromagnetic force fields represent the "bleeding off"' or "outfolding" of these infolded contents of gravitational potential. Gravitational force field was regarded as the "bleeding down" of the gravitational potential without outfolding or out-bleeding its infolded contents. It is known that gravitational field is not a field in the sense of Heaviside-Maxwell electromagnetic fields. There is really no such thing as "the" gravitational field; instead, there exists a large number of potentials, locked-in force field vectors, stress energies, and other entities which change the energy density of vacuum (of both 3-space and time components) and bend spacetime. The conglomerated bleed-down of this conglomeration of infolded components constitutes the "gravitational field." If the inner contents of this G-field, or of the G-potential, bleed out, then a different fielde.g., electromagnetic fieldis produced. We may thus speak of the bleed-out of either the G-potential or the G-field. Note that flows between pairs, triads, etc. of these individual infolded field components can occur without appreciable change of the overall conglomerate's potential (trapped energy density). Thus the gravitational potential can have a dynamic, structured pattern, and local spacetime can be curved and patterned. E field and B field are one such "pair" of flows where little overall gravitational effects are evidenced, so long as the fields are free to "flow." In Kaluza-Klein 5-d unification of gravitation and electro-magnetics, only a single fieldthe 5-dimensional gravitational fieldreally exists. Our world intersects and "bleeds-off" this 5-d G-field in two fashions: (1) the 5-d G-field prefers to bleed-out into its fifth dimensional aspect, which we see as our own ordinary EM force field. (2) The minute remaining 4-d aspects we see as our 4-d gravitational field. To show the order of magnitude difference in bleed-out, the electrical field between two electrons is about 1042 or so stronger than the gravitational field between them. Even for protons, the ratio is 1036 or so. So it can be seen that, so long as EM bleed-out is permitted, little 4-d gravitational effects are produced. Our normal electromagneticswhich by construction of Heaviside's version of Maxwell's theory is purely bleed-out, thus yields negligible gravitational effects. On the other hand, if we deliberately set the EM bleed-outs against each other so that they zero sum, we "strangle" the escape or bleed-off of the 5-d G-field into EM field. The 5-d G-field is then forced to bleed-off into 4-d G-field. If we then vary the energy of each vector component of the EM zero sum while maintaining the overall zero resultant, we directly pump the 4-d gravitational field. Scalar electromagnetics thus directly converts EM field, force, and energy into ordinary G-field force and energy, and vice versa. In addition, we get enormous gains: For every unit of EM energy we feed into the "zero sum pump," theoretically we can get out up to 1042 units of 4-d gravitational/inertial energy by electron release, and up to 1036 by proton release. Experimental results have at least partially confirmed this thesis. As early as 1969, Hurwich in Canada produced an inertial field generator capable of "freezing" weapons (pistols) so they cannot be fired. During the operation of the device, time did not advance on the wristwatches of the observers. Hutchison reports and demonstrates the levitating of up to 60-lb. objects, though in uncontrolled manner and without theoretical model. The American physicist Hooper patented electrogravitational devices in the early 70's, but test results are obscure. The Floyd Sweet vacuum triode amplifier did produce highly successful antigravity experiments, reducing its weight on the bench by some 90% smoothly and controllably (see paper by Sweet and Bearden in IECEC proceedings). Orthodox research in this area seems just beginning in the West, but appears to have been highly pursued for several decades in Russia. With the pursuit of the Sachs unified field theory, the O(3) electrodynamicists have now begun to show that antigravity emerges naturally from the theory. It is probable that in the future experiments will be designed to test this part of the theory. The theory already explains ordinary gravity etc. contained in Einstein's general relativity, and going much further.

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