16, Bedini, John: 

noted audio engineer, creator of the renowned Bedini amplifiers well known to audiophiles, and researcher into free energy, antigravity, and electromagnetic healing. Bedini has built several free energy motors and devices, including a gravitational field generator, a gravitational field turbine, a series of monopole motors, and a series of battery-powered systems where he produces a negative resistor inside the battery itself, decoupling the ion currents between plates inside the battery and the electron current from the outside of the places through the external circuit. In this way, the negative resistor extracts EM energy from the vacuum in unusable form, and outputs it in usable form onto both the ion currents in "battery charging" mode and the electron currents into the external circuit in load-powering mode. In that way his systems are able to recharge the battery while simultaneously powering the load. He is also noted for his development of sensitive scalar EM wave detectors.

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