10. Artificial potential:

A term based upon the fact that (1) any potential (or EM wave or field, for that matter) has an internal Whittaker longitudinal EM wave structure in phase conjugate pairs, and (2) by assembling a desired set of such waves, an EM potential, wave, or field can be produced which outwardly seems "normal", but whose inner structure interacts with any exposed mass in general relativitistic fashion. Sets of internal longitudinal EM waves actually form sets of specific, deterministic spacetime curvatures. These "engines" interact with mass at any and every level, since curved spacetime does so. In the macro world, this can be approximated by producing a "potential" formed by deliberately summing force field vectors to a zero vector resultant in a nonlinear summation material. This resulting vector zero has a deterministic, internal stress pattern that is macroscopic, and all the EM field energy is still there and still present, as are all the individual EM field vectors. The type of potential made by the zero summation depends upon the type of force vectors summed, together with their dynamics. For example, summing electric field vectors to zero produces an electrostatic scalar potential; summing magnetic field vectors to zero produces a magnetostatic scalar potential of the local vacuum. All such potentials represents sets of local warps or curvatures in vacuum/spacetime, and hence have "internal ST curvature engines". Since Einstein assumed that space-time locally was usually uncurved, this violates one of the assumptions of Einstein's general relativity. However, Einstein's work has been completed by Sachs, and the Sachs unified field theory is perfectly able to handle this type of problem. The Russian secret weapon scientists have long made this correction; Western physicists have not. Since curvature of spacetime is gravitational, this together with time-reversal constitutes the secret of electrogravitation: How to turn electromagnetics into gravitation, and vice versa. In the Sachs theory, such transduction is quite natural, and antigravity arises electromagnetically from the theory. I earlier called this "electrodynamics as spacetime curvatures and their dynamics" by the name "scalar electromagnetics"; the Soviets refer to it as "energetics." In such a vector zero, the locked-in energies of all the component force vectors constitute the "anenergy" (literally, infolded energy inside local spacetime) of the artificial potential. Potential in vacuum is analogous to "pressure" in fluids. An artificial potential polarizes the vacuum and constitutes a specific stress pattern added to it. Thus vector-zero summed systems of individually finite vector components may all differ from each other, because (1) their internal "engines" (spacetime curvatures and their dynamics) differ, and (2) they will thus differ in the interaction effects they produce upon a given test mass. In the decades-long microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, health changes and diseases were produced in personnel over those decades. However, these changes occurred only in force-free areas. This meant they occurred in areas where the potentials were force-free and hence not changing and so very stable. In short, the "inner EM" structures of these potentials had been altered, so that the potentials contained the "exact engine" (set of specific spacetime curvatures and dynamics) which would cause the specific disease symptom desired. U.S. scientists and intelligence analysts were completely baffled by this effect, concluding that -- since the fields were absent where the effects occurred -- it could not be the EM radiation. Elementary statistical inference falsifies that conclusion completely. If the microwave radiation had no part in it at all, then some health changes would have occurred where the fields were present and some would have occurred where the fields were absent. 100% correlation to the presence of force-free potentials and 100% correlation to the absence of changes in those potentials (i.e., to the absence of force fields) proves with extreme probability that (1) the culprit was the microwave radiation, and (2) the actual causative entity was the force-free stable potentials. There is absolutely no other way for such potentials to cause diseases unless their internal longitudinal EM structures are altered and deterministically constructed. Ironically, the Red Chinese were onto it very quickly, and so in a turn of poetic justice they induced cancer in all the GRU representatives assigned to the Russian Embassy in China (see Lunev's book).

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