8. Antimatter:

Matter consisting of atoms which are composed of positrons, antiprotons, and antineutrons. Also loosely refers to the antiparticle corresponding to a particle -- the antiparticle may be regarded as the particle traveling backward in time, or "conjugated." In present physics, the photon is recognized as its own anti-particle. However, since physicists do not differentiate between positive and negative energies in a photon, then they assume that there is no difference between a photon and an antiphoton. This is not true prior to the photon's interaction, where the photon is a 4-space entity, but it is essentially true after the interaction when one looks or observes only 3-spatially. The antiphoton, however, acts quite differently from the photon in 4-space, since it is time-reversed, as is clearly shown in optical phase conjugation. The tentative hypothesis of scalar electromagnetics for the final photon emission interaction with a charged particle in an atom is this: In the expression CPTEGS (where C is charge and normally negative, P is normal parity, T is time and normally positive, E is energy and normally positive, G is gravity and normal is positive, S is entropy and normally positive or increasing). if one of the components is reversed in sign, then each of the remaining components is also individually reversed in sign. This "first order rough hypothesis" will probably need much further refinement, but there is a nugget of real truth therein, once it is more properly sorted out. The phase conjugate photon (antiphoton: negative energy, negative time), e.g., is produced by the photon interaction with the positively charged nucleus, producing a time-reversed wave having negative time-energy, negative time, reversed parity, causing gravitational repulsion, and causing negentropy. Note that, if the rough CPTEGS hypothesis holds, then time-reversal (phase conjugation) is intimately involved with antigravity. At least we have rigorously shown that the common dipole produces a giant negentropy from its mere formation, and this giant reordering of a fraction of the vacuum energy spreads at the speed of light in all directions. This giant negentropy continues so long as the dipole remains intact. Dipoles in matter that has been here since the beginning, have been pouring out 3-spatial EM energy (real EM energy) continuously for some 15 or so billion years. They have been receiving reactive power (phase conjugate energy) from the active 4-vacuum all that time as well.

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