5. Aikido:

A Japanese martial art whose modern form is a synthesis of many schools of earlier jujitsu and the zen art of meditation in motion. The advanced aikido practitioner seeks to attain a state of "nomindedness," in which there is no separation of subject and object, of attacker and defender, or even of past and future. This state of at-one-ness with the universe, when attained, results in the complete mastery of the art. It is rarely experienced, even occasionally, and even rarer is it permanently attained. One who attains this state permanently is considered a great master, and his demeanor and personality are profoundly altered. The deceased founder of the present modern form, Morihei Uyeshiba, attained such mastery of the art. He was a serene, deeply religious man and a profound inspiration to several generations of martial artists. He was also unbeatable even in his seventies.

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