With psychotronics, it is quite possible to extinguish electrical currents flowing in a circuit, or in the nervous system of a biological organism.  First, an electro- magnetic carrier (photon) is used to carry the psychotronic modulation pattern which wil1 quench electrical currents.  The particular psychotronic pattern is modulated upon each individual photon, in virtual state form riding upon the time component of the photon.  This is totally different from the ordinary scheme of modulating an electromagnetic carrier; the normal scheme merely gates the rate of passage of photons (amplitude modulation), or changes the energy-time ratio on various photons as photons continually are emitted (frequency modulation). 
   In this case, virtual state patterns (probabilities) are added directly to each photon, in addition to whatever is done under the normal scheme of modulation.  Thus the carrier can be electrical1y very complex or very simple.  At any rate, the carrier with its psychotronic modulations reaches the target, and photons are absorbed continually and emitted continually by the target.  The absorption of the photons and their modulations continually generate compound spacetime M Δ T nuclei and introduce the virtual state psychotronic modulations onto the mass's electric field, the modulations now riding on the virtual photons that generate that field.  When a photon is re-emitted, the compound nucleus is split again, and the Δ T is carried away by the photon, leaving behind a changed virtual photon state on the non- temporal mass spatially left in between quantum changes. 
   As time passes, the virtual photons are more and more psychotronically modulated by the kindling effect.  Eventually the collection breaches orthoframe thresholds and reaches the electromagnetic field frame, changing the electromagnetic field.  If the psychotronic pattern is such as to create a positive charge when sufficiently kindled, the negative electrical charge of the kindled electron is simply absorbed or quenched from within, so to speak.  And in this case no ordinary annihilation photons are emitted.  Instead, the electron is converted to a neutrino when its electrical field is quenched, and it simply passes rapidly away through matter with no interaction and no damage or heating to that matter.  Thus the currents flowing in an electrical circuit or in a biological nervous system can be quenched, without any other damage to the system, and without any pair annihilation radiation being produced. 
     The UFO phenomena very often demonstrate this effect, and the Soviet Union has long since weaponized it. 

    A simple way to visualize this process is to imagine the virtual photons of the electron as gradually being quenched.  With the virtual photons gone, the electron has lost its charge and its electric field, and is now a neutrino.  As a neutrino, it zips through matter with no interaction, and on out into deep space. 
    This mechanism explains why the electrical circuits of autos, radios, etc. usually are not damaged when they are disrupted by the UFO phenomena.  Use of normal mechanisms to change or eliminate the electromagnetic field seriously disrupts the components of the circuits, heating materials, blowing fuses, and melting wires and components.  The mechanism described here does none of those things. 
    The weapon aspects are of course formidable.  Small transmitters with the right modulation pattern could be dropped, planted, or fired almost anywhere, and these could be set to disrupt equipment or human nervous systems.  Their use in satellites is obvious.  Small transmitters of a fixed time-life broadcast duration could be fired behind enemy lines in artillery shells.  Tactical missiles could carry hordes of such small transmitters and drop them along the way deep into enemy territory.  Essentially everything electrical is vulnerable if radiated long enough for sufficient kindling to occur.  Powerful radar beams can be modulated psychotronically to give them effects at a distance, disabling vehicles, communications equipment, and men.  Even searchlights can be so modulated.  Pavlita's psychotronic generators are known to generate deathdealing effects, because he has demonstrated that they can kill insects, and he has admitted that men can be killed with generators that are large enough. 
    An even more radical approach is to transmit the desired pattern directly through hyperspace with a hyperspace transmitter, using either a set of triads for focusing at a desired spot in normal space, or using a witness to generate form resonance with the desired target object, much like one tuning fork kindles another of the same tuning into vibration.  The witness may be anything that contains the pattern of the target, e.g., a photo or a model.  In the case of a living organism, each cell contains the blueprint for the entire organism, so a group of cells from the organism can be used.  This applies to plants as well as to animals. 

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