We will discover later that thoughts and thought objects are real, physical objects in their own worldframe domain.  As such, thoughts, or thought objects, or thought constructs can be and are quite functional devices in the thought world domain.  In that domain, they are as physical as a rock.  We will also discover that thought energy can be turned into electromagnetic energy by kindling, and can even be materialized if kindling is of sufficient intensity.  As an example, thought energy from negative thoughts continually repeated or held in the mind can cause one to become physically ill.  This is a well-known effect, and such an illness is referred to as psychosomatic.  However, the mechanism by means of which it is accomplished is not known. 
    Actually the mechanism is simple: in the minute electrical currents that run through the nervous system, across the cell membranes, through the fibrous content of the cells, and through the cell water structures, virtual state thought energy is continually kindled into weak electrical patterns, which modulate, shape, and affect all the vital processes of the body.  Almost all this kindled thought energy is from the content of the unconscious mind.  Thus the locked-in contents of our un- conscious minds eventually directly affect and change our bodies for either good or bad, depending on the particular content being kindled. 
     Small wonder that we suddenly acquired a chemical problem some years ago after we were saturated by thousands of hours of pill advertisements on television, which directly implanted the idea that certain chemicals such as pain relievers contain the answer to life's problems, while others such as alcoholic beverages lead to a glamorous, active, exciting life.  Not only can such material implant suggestions in the unconscious for association, but it can also directly condition the response that the body itself will exhibit to chemicals and drugs. 
     It is now fairly well accepted that there exists a cancer personality and a heart attack personality, where the mindset is definitely and causatively involved.  And from the Simontons' work, we see that the mind can be effectively used in conjunction with other therapy to reverse cancer, even terminal cancer.  But unfortunately, by and large Western medicine continues to rely on mechanics and chemicals.  Essentially the patient is viewed as a mechanical apparatus and a chemical factory that is damaged, polluted, or out of sorts, and treatment consists largely of mechanical intervention (such as surgery) or chemical intervention (such as antibiotics).  Medicine continues to be a science of the reparation of damage or malfunction.  It is the science of disease, not the science of health.  I do not advocate abandoning the medical practices that have proven effective.  I do advocate the augmentation of such measures by all the mind measures available.  In fact, medical science ought to be vigorously pushing forward into fields of psychic healing, psychotronics, radionics, etc. 

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