The basic idea here is that an active agent must be involved to disrupt the ordinary healthy pattern of inceptive life functioning.  Since life functioning is inceptive, ultimately the bioframes, specifically the first and second, must be distorted or disrupted.  The first bioframe is the electromagnetic field and the second bioframe is a psychotronic field.  The second bioframe may eventually be revealed as the neutrino field, but this is still uncertain at present.  At any rate, it is a virtual state field.  Virtual state patterns of a disease, for example, are carried in each photon emitted by a diseased cell.  The life functioning psychotronic components are modulated on the body's electromagnetic components.  Thus they have an electromagnetic carrier, which will carry the inceptive life function patterns through the photon squelching effects of emitted photons in the body. 
    A host agent such as a germ produces an active agent such as a toxin.  The chemistry involves the particular compound of the toxin that is disruptive or deadly.  But chemistry after all is rigorously based on electrical patterns.  These electrical patterns of toxic chemistry contain psychotronic patterns modulated upon them by the germ, and these genetic life functioning patterns are different from those of a human cell.  The foreign psychotronic patterns are modulated upon the human body's electromagnetic patterns (currents) and thus reach the cell, where they interact by the fourth law in the cell membrane, being demodulated and introduced to the cell, and orthorotated in the process into electromagnetic signals disruptive to the orderly functioning of the cell.  The foreign psychotronic signals also jam the ordinary psychotronic patterns being demodulated by the cell in its inceptive operations from its mind frame or third bioframe.  If this jamming is only moderate, the cell sickens; it is only disrupted.  If the jamming is severe, the cell dies. 
    The normal electromagnetic noise bathing the cell from the cosmos and the environment contains random components that largely self-cancel or balance.  The modulated random psychotronic modulations of the ordinary background environment behave similarly, and thus the normal background simply constitutes a weak noise flux which does not disrupt the inceptive life functioning.  In the experiments of Kaznacheyev and his colleagues, photon squelching was largely restricted, and the psychotronic signals from the dying primary culture could go through the infrared and ultraviolet windows in the quartz as virtual state patterns on the mitogenic UV photons emitted by dying cells, and be introduced directly into the secondary culture.  The kindling effect then induced the disease or death pattern after an appropriate time delay.  Thus it appears that there is indeed a fundamental mechanism by means of which a disease or death pattern from one cell is introduced into others. 
    If this is true, then an exciting vista emerges for the treatment of hither-to incurable diseases such as cancer.  The psychotronic pattern of the cancer cells in a person's body could simply be recorded, then phase shifted 180 degrees, remodulated upon an RF carrier, and radiated back into the body of the patient to cancel the cancer's signal patterns.  Radiation of the body need not be severe at all; even weak radiation will suffice due to the kindling effect.  At any rate, the hypothesized mechanism seems worthy of experimentation, and it seems to offer a validation of the practice of radionic treatment of disease. 

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