Good collector mechanisms exist in great variety, in both living and inert systems.  Many good collector mechanisms exist in the human body.  One mechanism that collects bioenergy and orthorotates it into ordinary electrical field with appropriate induced currents is simply the electrical current in the human nervous system.  This is particularly true of the current discharges from and between the nerve endings. 
   Another collector for bioenergy in a living system is the mitogenic radiation between the cells in tissue.  Taken as a flux, this mitogenic radiation would seem to have both a photon nature and a nonphoton nature.  The cells, in their membranes and fibrous internal structures, are continually collecting and kindling bioenergy into electron currents and photons.  The electron currents represent collections from the virtual state into observable state, and may in one sense be regarded as the lifting of electrons out of the Dirac sea by direct kindling (coherent superposition of virtual state energy into observable state energy).  These kindled currents are thus superpositions or modulations on the ordinary electrical activity of the cells, fibers, and membranes.  The mitogenic photons are also produced by direct kindling of the virtual state into observable state, in this case, by kindling virtual state photons into observable state photons. 
    Spark discharges, such as are used in Kirlian photography, are extremely good collectors of bioenergy.  In Kirlian photography the film records ordinary photon interactions; however, the spark discharge from the finger is collecting and kindling bioenergy into ordinary electrical energy (specifically, into electromagnetic field, which then affects the electrical flux pattern).  Also, bioenergy is being collected and kindled into ordinary photons, thus changing the photon pattern being emitted.  Furthermore, those photons being emitted are internally affected by the bioenergy that has not yet kindled to observable state electromagnetic energy, but is still virtual.  Each photon carries the virtual state along in the little piece of time contained in the photon, and partially collected bioenergy which has not yet breached the threshold of observable photons is being carried in each emitted photon.  These patterns are transferred to the grain atoms by photon absorption when the piece of time of the photon is momentarily added to the mass of the absorbing atom, and in turn are continually spread through the emulsion material atoms by the virtual photon fluxes of the charges, in both the nucleus and the orbital electrons of the atoms. 
    So the life pattern of a photographed object is captured on ordinary film - and indeed that pattern can be resonated through hyperspace with the object that was photographed, regardless of where the object is in the universe. 
    Note that there are many mechanisms inside stars and planets for the collection of bioenergy.  We live in a vital, pulsing, living, breathing, bioenergetic cosmos, and life is everywhere.  Patterns of life are riding in the light from the distant stars, from our sun, in the neutrino flux from the cosmos, in the graviton flux from the cosmos, in cosmic rays, etc.  And so it is small wonder that living cells that form, reproduce themselves, and die can be induced in the proper primordial soup of nutrients when that soup of matrix forms and chemicals is bathed in ultraviolet light (one of the magic windows which contains a greatly enhanced transmission factor for bioenergy, hyperspatial energy, life energy), and stimulated by electrical spark discharges. 
    It would be interesting to perform the same type of experiments with concentrated light from distant stars, or with the mitogenic radiation from cell cultures, using environmentally shielded setups similar to those used by the Soviets in experiments with the transmission of death patterns. 
    Even stranger, bioenergy propagates along deBroglie waves, and so all possibilities are modulated by bioenergetic kindling and collection.  Viewed in this light, Puthoff and Targ's remote viewing experiments actually provided a multitude of probability paths to the viewer, and these probability paths were indeed kindling bioenergy of the distant, as yet unhappened event.  The actual event in the future contains a great many additional collection kindlings due to the additional factors involved in determination (such as collapse of the wave function).  A peaking of signal exists on the more probable happenings, and this extra signal along certain paths constitutes an increased signal-to-noise ratio in that particular channel.  Thus an actual mechanism exists for seeing at a distance and for seeing ahead in time. 
    Particular note should be made of the pi meson collection mechanism in the nucleus of an atom.  Each neutron and each proton in the nucleus of an atom is continually emitting and absorbing pi mesons, and thereby the protons and neutrons are continually interchanging from one to the other by passing along the positive charge.  This activity produces the strong force which binds the nucleus together against the electrical repulsion of the electric forces due to the positive charges of the protons.  The fantastic structurings and currents that result provide an electrical current which can and does collect bioenergy.  A skilled psychic with good psychokinetic ability can thus focus on the kindling mechanism inside the nucleus and get a signal-to-noise increase of the kindling of his bioenergy in nuclei as op-posed to elsewhere in the material in other collection mechanisms.  Several types of reactions can then occur.  The protons may have their electric charges extinguished due to the extinguishing of the virtual photons producing the electric field on their pions.  In such case, the atom simply loses its integrity, and some neutrons and photons are emitted from the atomic site into the surrounding material.  This type of interaction thus locally softens a metal and produces severe heating in localized areas, changes in fundamental grain structure, and changes in fundamental characteristics of the metal. 
   It is by this mechanism and similar related reactions that metal bending can be and is accomplished by persons such as Uri Geller.  The collection of bioenergy by graviton emission, absorption, and flux leads to antigravity and other psycho-kinetic effects.  These are exhibited in rare levitation phenomena and more frequent poltergeist phenomena. 
   The list of collectors could be materially increased, but these should suffice to show the importance of the effect of coherent time collection, kindling, and orthorotation of one type of field into another.  The collection of de Broglie waves is moving much faster than light, and for very slowmoving objects the collected and projected bioenergy on their deBroglie waves is moving at essentially infinite velocity.  This accounts for the fact that Hieronymus observed an instantaneous cutoff of his monitoring signals from the Apollo astronauts when their space vehicle went behind the edge of the moon. 
   Looking over the list of collectors and carriers, it is obvious why even the best Faraday shields cannot shield out bioenergy communication.  The deBroglie wave carrier alone will simply take the bioenergy right through any known substance - or more precisely, it will take the bioenergy around the three-space in which the barrier substance exists, since deBroglie waves are actually superluminal particles in a three-space more than one orthogonal turn away from the observer's three-space.  The implications for psychic healing and psychic surgery are obvious. 

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