The Tom Bearden


2.  Anchor Patterns
One of the interesting aspects of combined orthorotation into our normal three-dimensional space and out of it from hyperspace is an anchorlike pattern, shown in the next four pictures.  Photo 1 was taken by Ira Maxey, and it shows several tulpoidal forms, which are intersecting our frame in a white or photon-emitting anchorlike pattern.  The curved part of the anchor pattern is due to the spinning or orthogonal rotation, and the shaft portion intersects it at right angles.  Note also the clouds, whose water content is highly conducive to kindling of the tulpoid―into the first bioframe, in this case.
    The second photo from Project Bluebook shows another anchorlike tulpoid―this time the orthorotation is reversed, giving photon absorption―moving through the sky over a dock area by the water.
    The third photo, taken in Wales, is one of several which clearly captured another anchorlike tulpoid in a photon-emitting mode.
    The fourth photo, taken by Fay Clark in a darkened room, show very similar photonic patterns being emitted by Ingo Swann's hands after Swann was asked to try to produce energy to be photographed.  In the rightmost arc the shaftlike perpendicular bisector can be seen, associated with Ingo's arm.  Bioenergy and mind-energy are the same, whether being emitted from a single human system/mind or from a collective system/mind.