According to the present theory of physics, the electric field is due to the continual emission and reabsorption of virtual photons.  Let us examine that concept just a little further, because there are some interesting conclusions we can make if we are not afraid to take the final conceptual step to the bottom line implications. 
    First, each ordinary (observable) photon in the universe consists of a little piece (quantum) of nonobservable action.  The units of action are energy times time, or ML
2/T (mass x length x length/time).  The quantum of action in the photon is not separated into a separate piece of time and a separate piece of energy.  And also, the quantum of action is a fixed, constant size or magnitude, given by Planck's constant h as
                              h = 6. 626 x 10
-34 Joule-second
    All this says is that an ordinary photon has a certain size that is quite fixed, and it is made of the substance "action" which is totally non perceivable and non-observable.  Only changes in action are perceivable, observable, or detectable, never fundamental action itself.  So physics already prescribes a universe made out of action, and that universe has no length, no time, no energy, no space, no concrete existence.  Yet from it can be taken - by differentiation (which is simply separation) - any length, any time, any energy. 
    However, only a single quantum at a time changes or is separated.  Quanta do not superpose.  A single quantum can be split or fissioned into, say, a piece of energy and a piece of time.  We can get as large or as small a piece of energy (i.e., change in energy) as we wish simply by adjusting the piece of time accordingly.  The same type of separation is possible for momentum and length. 
    The fragments of the action quantum (say, a piece of energy and a piece of time) must then be stuck back together again (i.e., fused back into an action quantum) to get rid of them, and this particular part of the process has essentially been ignored by physicists.  Anyhow, getting rid of the fragments (which gave us a piece of comparative physical change - energy versus time or momentum versus length) causes the just-completed physical change to vanish. 
    So at its most fundamental level, the entire universe is continually being created and then destroyed in sequence.  The continual creation of a tiny piece of time and then the destruction of the piece of time makes us experience reality or change as if we were a pointer moving along a time line.  We cannot see time because it is continually being destroyed by the change process, the very process of physical detection or observation itself. 
    Now if we invoke another kind of change, a virtual change, such that its size is always smaller than the actual quantum's size, then this kind of change cannot be detected, even theoretically.  The concept of a virtual change is one such that the quantity of action that was changed was deliberately made smaller than the size required to throw the switch of detectable or observable change. 
    So if we have a virtual photon, it is simply a piece of action whose magnitude is always less than h.  Here again, we can still get any amount of energy change we desire, merely by adjusting the size of the piece of time associated with that energy.  This then means that the virtual photon is not big enough to breach the threshold of quantum change, and so cannot be observed or detected. 
    And here is the interesting bottom line ignored by most physicists and almost all the pragmatic scientists who run the orthodox establishments.  The totally unobservable, undetectable virtual photons being emitted and absorbed are conceived as creating the electric field at the same time as observable physical change (ordinary quantum change) occurs.  And the electric field, of course, can cause or induce change of sufficient magnitude to breach the quantum threshold and result in observable change.  The bottom line is this: the virtual state can be collated and collected to sufficient magnitude to breach the quantum threshold and induce ordinary observable physical change.  The electromagnetic field already does precisely this!  And if reality can behave this way, as the physicists show, then let us simply accept that and apply it!
    Note that we have now resolved the problem of negative time.  The fusion process replaces the little positive piece of time that was formed in the fission process.  A continual stream of such replacements constitutes a continual stream of sub- tractions of positive time.  Hence this represents a negative time operational channel.  Many of the equations of physics, e.g., Maxwell's equations of the electromagnetic field, should be reexamined with a view to this negative time operation.  Dirac calculated such an entity, an electron traveling backwards in time, and noted that it would appear as a positively charged electron traveling forward in time.  He thus predicted the positron which was later found in laboratory experiments.  But of even more fundamental importance is that every piece of charged matter in the universe has such an opposite twin - the well known antimatter concept.  So anti-matter protons, neutrons, molecules, and physical structures exist.  Indeed, this physical reality that we normally perceive has its antimatter twin which we are also unraveling backwards as we go.  But here again the bottom line is far reaching: it means that we can coherently collect the virtual state to produce matter or its anti- matter, which after all are nothing but macroscopic assemblages of quantum changes, and we can thus get free energy, materialization and dematerialization, teleportation, and antigravity by means of special modifications and developments of electromagnetic circuits.  Each photon carries a small piece of time.  And the entire virtual state reality is hanging onto that small piece of time as a modulation.  That is where the probabilities are riding, in terms of the ordinary monocular interpretation of quantum mechanics, all of these probabilities, and all possibilities, are concretely real and occupy orthogonal universes.  Since they all share the same single time dimension, there is a time bridge or time channel connecting the universes.  Each move or change in one of them crosstalks a tiny bit into each of the others.  Since it is the photon which carries them, then each photon contains all possibilities and virtual states modulated upon itself.  Photon interaction thus involves the communication of these possibilities and virtual states to the object with which the interaction occurs. 

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