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Energy from the Vacuum

Reviews from readers

"By all rights, this book should change history and possibly save the planet"

This from the young graduate Engineer who purchased the very first copy:

"It's really making my brain itch, in a good way. Like when a wound is healing and that new skin is so itchy.

The first thing I have realized is the inadequacy of the so called technical education I received. I got a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC** which included a couple of years of Physics and several years of math up to diff. eqs. Most people would think that that would have exposed me to the latest and greatest as far as scientific knowledge is concerned. After reading as far as I have in Bearden's book, I realize how far from accurate that is. The engineering physics was mostly based on Newtonian and Maxwellian concepts. I learned NOTHING that wasn't less than 100 years old......"

This from a 20 year VP of Technology for a well-known company in the Electrical Engineering sector.

"I look forward to receiving your book, since I believe that you are perhaps the best technical writer that I have encountered.  Also, your subject cannot be more important........

"I have witnessed another over-unity device in my search for new technology.  A demonstration in Russia provided strong evidence of energy that could not be otherwise accounted for.  The demo involved a glass melt with an intense permanent positive charge.  I believe that your theories account for what I witnessed.  Interestingly, my report of that demo was fully rejected by the CTO of  *****  (a Ph.D. of Theoretical Physics), because the reported performance (and accompanying theory) was outside of "accepted" physics laws.  Quote: "Dirac's Sea of Energy - a discredited theory from an otherwise great scientist."

From Jon N

       Got your book and have been devouring it for the last few days. What can I say? Seminal, life-changing, history-making; all those things fail to describe it adequately. The book is incredible. I am in awe. The last book that struck me so deeply was Jane Roberts' Nature of Personal Reality almost 30 years ago. I have dreamed of these kinds of technology for decades, knowing somewhere deep inside that they could exist. Even if I do not live to see the world transformed, I am now satisfied that those dreams were not fantasy. The possibility is real and within our grasp now.
        This book can profoundly change a person's understanding of not only physics and science, but of life and reality itself. As I read it, the most striking thing that comes to mind is that Fuller was right when he pointed out that the world's problems were not technological but social and political. Even with mundane technology, he cold see how we could solve the world's problems 40 years ago. The barrier that prevented this was human stupidity and greed.
        Your book underscores that notion. We could easily have a clean, happy, healthy world where everyone could live freely and comfortably, without pollution or a trashed biosphere. It is technologically feasible today. Again, the barrier is human stupidity and greed.......
 .......You have accomplished a tremendous task pulling all that information together in one place. Your book has enough starting places for a dozen careers. I will be contemplating the information for some time to come, and will get to work on figuring out how I can honor your efforts with some small contribution of my own.
        Be healthy, be happy, and know that you have done a great job with this. By all rights, this book should change history and possibly save the planet. In a sane world, it would. Be proud, you did good.

My copy of Dr. Bearden's new book, Energy from The Vacuum, has just arrived in the mail.  It's about 2-inches thick, softcover.  From quickly scanning through it, I can say that "comprehensive" is an adjective that does not fully describe just how good this book is.  It covers many inter-related topics that will make for stimulating reading on one's weekends.  I highly recommend it to one and all.  The price is not exactly "cheap," but, based on size and weight, it is reasonably priced as compared to comparable scientific books published today.  Only $95.00, which includes sales tax, shipping and handling.


Alexander Labounsky
Associate Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company - Long Beach

I also received a copy of the book and it is an impressive volume.

Dr. Myron Evans
Alpha Foundation Institute for Advanced Study
(Dr. Evans has published over 600 major scientific papers, and is listed amongst the top 500 scientists in the world)

Review from "Frontier Perspectives" by Hal Fox - The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University

I have just finished reading Dr. Bearden's "Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles". I am currently working on an BS/EE degree and Dr. Bearden has opened my eyes concerning charges and dipoles. I would very much like to thank Dr. Bearden and let him know that he has inspired me to discovery more about the vacuum and its infinite supply of free energy.