The Tom Bearden




The Bohm-Aharonov Effect, Scalar Interferometry
Soviet Weaponization

© 1984 T.E. Bearden

(2nd Edition 2015 with Forword by Steven Greer MD, Head of the Disclosure Project)



The Bohm-Aharonov Effect shows that, even in the absence of electrical and magnetic fields, the potentials cause real effects to occur in the field-free regions. Using this principle, beams of pure potential without vector force fields (without E and H fields) may be deliberately produced and intersected at a distance to cause effects in the interference zone, in contradiction to classical mechanics. These effects are in fact required by quantum mechanics.

Essentially, energy may be produced directly at the distant interference site or extracted from it, without energy transmission through space.

Implications for weapons built on these concepts are given, and several types of such scalar electromagnetics weapons are discussed. The use of the “cold explosion” is detailed and evidence of its extensive testing is given. The basic mechanism for Soviet weather control over North America is briefly presented and a more extensive reference given.

Evidence of testing on a global scale massive Soviet weaponization of these effects for nearly three decades and of Soviet scalar electromagnetic weapons testing on a global scale exists in the open literature. Selected examples and related information are given in the Appendix.