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What I've done is taken him to heart, and convinced myselfwith a  lot of investigation and  studythat waves in the vacuum are longitudinal.

Every time a mathematician or a physicist writes a wave equation, he is throwing away half the problem or of the phenomenon... Newton's 3rd Law is not a law, it's a description; it's not a mechanism for what causes something to happen.  If you add back in the wave that is missing, guess what you get?  You get equal and opposite waves in the vacuum... What came in from the vacuum had both.  There is a longitudinal wave in the vacuum, not just a single transverse wave... A potential actually has a hidden set, an incredible amount of waves, going in both directions.  We consider it a fixed value at a point in space, but as a matter of fact it's a tremendous energy flow.  If you make a beam of that, you can indeed transmit energy in a completely hidden fashion; you can stick a normal meter right in the beam and it won't see a thing, because there is no force-field, and you can transmit it at a distance.

Tesla was talking about the transmission of energy without loss.  If that is true, then it already exists in nature.  Today in modern theory we know that the energy in an electromagnetic wave, transmitted, is already conserved.  If you take a given wavelength from an omni directional transmitter, and you take the hemispherical shell of that wavelength times the entire surface area of that shell, the energy that's in that shell is the same as the energy in any other shell of any radius.  The energy is totally conserved, and none of it is lostwe already know that. The energy density, of course, goes way down as the shell expands.  So that part is unquestionable.  The question is, can we direct that, can we control it?  If we do a laser beam, then in a sense we do it.  But there's a better way..

When you do these things with potentials, without involving force-fields, you actually involve the time dimension.  When you do this, you can affect thought, you can affect human beings where they live, because thought occupies the time dimension; it's not just spatial.

      Tom Bearden