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From: Ray M.
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007
To: Tom Bearden
Subject: Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Col. Tom:

This past week I obtained the two DVDs that Tony Craddock produced, and I've now watched them several times. If these don't set people on fire, then, as is said, "Their wood's wet!".  They certainly set me on fire with the desire to learn more, and to build.

Without question, these DVDs are going to make a difference, and I suspect that they already have. It's not only the battery charging angle that you spoke of previously, but these kinds of devices, even at these levels of sophistication, could serve as backups for home or business freezers and refrigerators in the event of the grid failing, for whatever reason. Eventually, even completely pulling away from central power generation becomes possible. Well, I'm not telling you anything that you've not already thought of, but the prospects are exciting to me.

While I consider myself to have only a third rate intellect, but not being a dummy either, my impression after viewing the films was that I was, in fact, an intellectual pygmy. The concepts as presented were simple enough, but upon further analysis it became clear to me that the 'energy from the vacuum concept and implimentation' was the product of intellectual giants. To take these mental concepts and transform them into physical reality has truly been a giant leap. The films were an extraordinary revelation for me.

 Please know of my thanks to you, John and Tony for making this experience possible. The earth's future that was once dark in my mind's eye has now been lifted to the sunlit highlands that could only be dreamed of. From where I'm standing now the future of our world looks very bright indeed. Thank you!

Bless you all,

Ray M.


"In a word - AWESOME! For anyone interested in Bedini's work, this is a must-see DVD. John explains in detail how and why each of the featured prototypes works. He also goes into great detail about what radiant energy is, and how to capture and convert it into positive energy to perform work. The demonstrations are just like being there, and credit also needs to go to Anthony Craddock for the first class production. It's everything you'd expect plus more!" 


"I truly did not expect half the information that was provided in the new DVD. The presentation is well  developed and was easy to connect with. If someone were having a hard time with the concepts, this would be the best source of explanation.  The man has my respect." 

United States

"Your Part 2 DVD is worth every penny.  God bless you and your associates for what you have achieved."

United Kingdom