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A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena

Vintage Bearden - A Collector's Item

Reprint of Tom Bearden's ground-breaking and provocative 1973 paper in which he developed an extraordinary theory of time and mind that remains germane to all of his later thinking. 

44 pp. - soft cover

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        A fundamental answer is attempted to the questions of being, time, space, existence, perception, and physical phenomena.  Mass, empty space, reality, gravitational attraction, continuity, discontinuity, and relativity are among the "things" and "nonthings" for which relationships and explanations are provided.

        Perception is defined as detection by a mass of change to itself and as a differentiating process. Perceived physical phenomena are revealed to be first derivatives of ultimate reality, and outputs of the physical perceiving device call the "perceptron."  Using the operation of the physical perception process on action, the units of which are energy times time, an entirely different view is generated of both reality and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  When superposition is imposed as a condition, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is revealed to be a quantized statement.  A concept of the absolute value of a dimensional molecule is advanced.

        A reality model is constructed of an action continuum and a nonaction continuum separated by an operational threshold whose magnitude is given by an uncertainty principle.  Perception is modeled as a process which switches atomic quanta of action and nonaction back and forth across the threshold.  Mass is explained as perceptron switch activity rate, and a mass definition equation is generated.  One kilogram mass is shown to represent 17.053 x 1050 perceptron switches per second.  From the model, Newton's laws of motion and gravity can be generated directly from the concept of the interaction of mass with space itself, space being taken as a massless fluid, or ether, composed of tiny nonaction particles called "quitons."  Einstein's postulates of special relativity are also shown to follow from the model, and a statement of the equivalence principle is shown to be consistent with the model.

         The concept of "lineception" as a causal chain of perceptron operations is advanced.  "Inception" is developed as a noncausal modulation of lineception and as a distinguishing feature of a living system.  The possibility is raised that inception could provide an explanation of the noncausal, statistical, ultramicroscopic universe and yet require large ensembles of ultramicroscopic events to conform to causality.  Inception is shown to lead to karma.  Perception is shown to be causal and to generate causality itself.

         Some elementary philosophical implications of quiton/perceptron theory are pointed out and briefly discussed.

44 pp. - soft cover

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Your own personal CD-ROM or thumbdrive copy of, for offline browsing, invaluable for the serious researcher. Each individually mastered with the most up-to-date version of the entire website.  The following books are included in their entirety:

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  • Towards a New Electromagnetics Part I: Solution to Tesla's Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons

  • Part 3: Clarifying the Vector Concept

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  • Quiton/ Perceptron Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena

  • The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy

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