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Free Energy Generation
Circuits & Schematics

Want to build a Radiant Energy battery charger?

Then this book is for youas Free Energy Generation contains the 100 plus page Provisional Patent Application originally filed in 2004 by John Bedini and Tom Bearden, which they have now generously placed into the public domain.  This treatise holds nothing back, and includes virtually all they collectively know about negative energy.  Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works!

And as a bonus, Free Energy Generation also contains the re-issue of John Bedini's classic 1984 bookBedini's Free Energy Generator, a how-to book about building a proven free energy generator, complete with circuit and parts list.  This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini's first cooperative ventures, over 20 years ago.

The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the classic 1984 Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper.

Free Energy Generation is the perfect practical companion to Tom Bearden's more theoretical Energy from the Vacuum.

Table of Contents

43 color photographs - 193 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)



USD 53.50


You asked for a hands-on manual -- here it is!

Energy from the Vacuum

Concepts & Principles

Tom Bearden’s findings, culminating 30 years of reexamining the foundations of science, are good news that point the way to an inexhaustible clean energy source for mankind – energy from the vacuum.

Developing and ubiquitously deploying free energy systems could eradicate the strategic vulnerabilities of centralized power systems, while reversing the runaway degradation of our precious biosphere and providing a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of underdeveloped nations.

This book also contains the true stories of inventors who, over the past 150 years, have pioneered some of these processes—and their secrets.  Dr. Bearden rigorously analyzes more than 40 embodiments that can produce this free energy, including some capable of investigation at the high-school level.

Preview Table of Contents

100 illustrations - 977 pp. - soft cover - 6x9"(15x23cm)


USD 69.00

Don't miss the new Documentary Video Series!

You may also be interested in The Final Secret of Free Energy.
Each copy personally autographed by Tom Bearden - a collector's item!


USD 139.00

Carton of 12 Energy from the Vacuum books

Individually shrink-wrapped

Perfect for study groups, resale, gifts to politicians, professors, scientists, etc.

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The Secret World of Magnets
by Howard Johnson

2nd edition (2006)
Originally published in 1970 as Discovering Magnetism

Few people know that a magnet can fire an energy burst several hundred times stronger than its base strength, again and again…that similar magnetic poles often attract, not repel…or that the patterns of iron filings around a magnet bear little resemblance to the force fields, which are actually spinning vortices. "Conventional magnetic theory and real magnetic theory are about as much alike as a Venetian Blind and a blind Venetian." Pioneer researcher Howard Johnson, the unofficial father of spintronics, first delved into magnetics as a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. Several patents later, three other scientists joined him and together they broke some of the magnetic code, plotting real-time measurements of dynamical systems to reveal the startling behavior of magnetic vortices in action. In 1970 he and the late Distinguished Professor Dr. Gerhard Beyer of Virginia Polytechnic Institute published these previously unknown properties of magnetism, just as they found them, in a short book, Discovering Magnetism. The book also describes Johnson's unique magnetic gate, the basis of his many successful permanent magnetic motors. This new edition by Cheniere Press is a source-book for novel experiments and is suitable for all ages.

54 full-color pages - 11x8½" (28 x 22 cm) - spiral bound

USD 38.99
A source for novel experiments, suitable for all ages!


Oblivion: America at the Brink

Oblivion cover art
Tom Bearden's most comprehensive exposition of the uses and abuses of scalar electromagnetics. The product of both deep military experience and penetrating insight into advanced physics, this book presents its frightening conclusions in a hard-hitting style. A disturbing new area of psychoenergetics - mind wars - that completely overturns the strategic landscape came to Tom Bearden's attention two years ago. Realizing the dreadful implications, he immediately prepared a secret briefing for the leader of the only nation capable of possibly countering this new menace to humanity's survival. A must-read for everyone interested in humanity's future and the United States's survival…equally essential for military, scientific, strategic planners and politicians. Weather engineering, freezing time, subspace robot wars, the nature of mind, artificial life, mind conversion, EM disease propagation - all are explained in this tour-de-force. It's not sci-fi, but what is really happening today - vital information you won't find anywhere else!

Table of Contents

500 illustrations - 368 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)


USD 39.00

Many readers also buy Fer de Lance.

Carton of 20 Oblivion books

Individually shrink-wrapped

Get this vital information to people who need to know!



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The Final Secret of Free Energy

The moderately technical reader will learn the real secret of tapping vacuum energy, using almost any source of potential - battery, electrostatic generator, elevated wire, solar panel - enabling construction of hundreds of different kinds of devices. It took Tom Bearden thirty years to discover the simple "magic principle" revealed in this book.

All original diagrams, plus '93-'94 updates
66 pp. - soft cover - 6x9"(15x23cm)

USD 29.99
Tom Bearden reveals a secret that he struggled for 30 years to discover!

Fer de Lance

A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons

"In 1999, the Earth's first strategic sub-space war was silently fought and won..." The Russians have sustained the largest weapons development program ever launched by any nation, keeping it effectively hidden from prying Western eyes. Tom Bearden terms this program "Fer-de-Lance" after the dreaded South American pit viper. The fer-de-lance is a deadly snake of great agility and lethal effect that often ambushes its hapless prey, striking unexpectedly and without warning. Its first sudden strike is usually lethal to its victim, which promptly expires in writhing agony. The title is appropriate since the Soviet development of scalar EM weapons was designed for the same purpose.

2nd edition (2002)
176 new pages - 61 new figures
475 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)


USD 58.00

Excalibur Briefing
Explaining Paranormal Phenomena

The interaction of mind and matter

Excalibur BriefingLook into the fascinating and mysterious world of paranormal phenomena and the interaction of mind and matter in terms of the new physics. In this quintessential guide, Tom Bearden uses a sampling of paranormal phenomena that demand explanation to drive a theoretical framework that enables us to understand psychotronics, UFOs and psi phenomena. The book also covers new military appliactions of psi research, and Soviet phase-conjugate directed-energy weapons.

2nd edition - 332 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)


USD 41.00

Tom Bearden lectures on this topic in Tesla's Secret and the Soviet Tesla Weapons.

A New Biophysics

New Mechanisms for Deep Effects in Biological Systems

Tom Bearden exposes the connection between hidden EM field energy and new mechanisms that produce deep effects in biological systems. Doocumenting examples of their use, he explains the physics behind these mechanisms, which also hold vast potential for healing. This concise volume covers Soviet energetics and the biological effects of infolded EM fields (subspace), nonlocal quantum potentials and the true purpose of the Soviets' "Woodpecker" over-the-horizon radar aimed at the West. The reader will also learn about key experiments, generally ignored by the West, that led the Soviets to discover and exploit these mechanisms, including:

  • Kaznacheyev's cytopathogenic effect

  • Devyatkov's information content of the field

  • The meaning of the microwave radiation of the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

Also included are Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 papers, often cited in other Bearden works, whose mathematics (unrecognized at the time) underpins the structured scalar potential. In a final appendix Bearden proposes a solution to the "holy grail" of physics - the unification of electromagnetics, general relativity and quantum mechanics - via the Whittaker model.

First published 1991
190 pp. - soft cover - 6 x9" (15x23cm)


USD 34.99
Includes the 1903 Whittaker papers and Tom Bearden's unified theory of electromagnetics, general relativity and quantum mechanics.

AIDS:  Biological Warfare

AIDS: Biological Warfare

  • The vaccine connection

  • What the Soviets knew

  • World War III is raging

  • Developing an electromagnetic cure for AIDS

  • Conditional criterion for identity and the 4th law of logic

  • Dead man fuzing: real meaning of the Reykjavik Summit

  • List of selected incidents

  • Also includes Antoine Prioré and His Therapeutic Machine: A Scandal in the Politics of Science. ©1984, 1988 Christopher Bird (by permission)

A classic, first published 1988
504 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)


USD 49.00

Could there be an EM cure for all diseases?

Yoseikan Aikido

Aikido – often considered the “softest” of the martial arts – seeks to neutralize an opponent without doing harm, utilizing the natural flow of ki in relaxed movements that turn away or redirect an attacker’s force. In an almost magical dance, the attacker goes cartwheeling through the air while, paradoxically, the defender seems nearly stationary. Tom Bearden’s aikido studies shed light on basic principles of everyday life: our body mechanics, our balance, our senses, and our interactions with the natural world and the people around us. He also touches on states of consciousness, meditation, and how these affect our ability to perceive and use subtle energy. Thus, the information applies not only to the physical world, but also to the unseen world of ki. The same concepts apply equally across the broad spectum of human activity – whether one is a carpenter building a house, a clinician observing a distressed patient, a housewife doing laundry, or a student crossing the street.  Some of his wry observations on innate human reflexes – and how to evoke them for self defense – were formed during his boyhood in the back woods of Louisiana. Other observations on self-development pass along authentic insights that carry on a centuries-old Oriental tradition founded in Zen meditation. The functioning of the conscious and unconscious mind, the training of habits and reflexes, and insights into the nature of Self, are all addressed in this book. A sandan, or 3rd-degree black belt, is hard-won in any martial art and is the culmination of many years of sustained effort. You will see a different side of Tom Bearden's multi-faceted character, including origins of themes that profoundly influenced his later work. Whether you are a martial arts practitioner, an athlete, a scholar, a person interested in spiritual development, or simply a curious reader who has found inspiration in Tom Bearden’s writing on other topics, something fascinating awaits you in Yoseikan Aikido.

Commemorative reissue of 1973 monograph – 103 pp. – soft cover – 6 x9" (15x23cm)


USD $31.99

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