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Secret Superweapons that Drive Disarmament Negotiations

“—I watched the new weapons tape and I thought it was very good including the up to date clips.”

—Frank G.
Inventor, scalar antenna


Every wonder what is REALLY being discussed behind the scenes when the phrase “nuclear disarmament” is bandied about by the media?


Well, wonder no more, as the answer is in this classic Tom Bearden filmed lecture plus slides and video footage, presented at the J.B. Bernal World Scientific Conference on Security and Disarmament (1988) at the World Trade Center, NY.

Featured are stunning revelations about the Soviet time-reversed electrogravitation weapons, their deployment and use, the true story of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Kaznacheyev death photons, Priore and much, much more.  And over 20 years later after Tom Bearden gave this lecture, none of these weapons systems have just “gone away,” and it is no longer just the Russians that are “the bad guys.”

Updated and digitally re-mastered in 2010 with almost an hour of contemporary news footage and archived historical video.

Also available in PAL format for the first time.


90 min. - DVD video
Plus 30 additional minutes of Special Features

NTSC format

USD 29.00


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