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"Both of the EFTV DVDs are wonderful. I am in awe of both Mr Bearden and Mr Bedini. Thank you, sincerely, for the example of courage and insight you demonstrate."  AP, United Kingdom

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Energy from the Vacuum™ 
A Documentary Series

Acclaim for the series:
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Learn about the History of the Series

Featuring Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Walter Rosenthal, Peter Lindemann D.Sc.

This disc covers Tom Bearden's early years and background, and leads into an illustrated lecture by Tom about the vacuum and the secrets of engineering and extracting its boundless energy.  After this, Tom discusses virtually everything you ever wanted to know about his patented Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (the MEG), which he co-invented with several other colleagues.

Tom, John Bedini, Walt Rosenthal, and Peter Lindemann then conduct a brief historical overview of the history of free energy devices, going back to the late 1800s.

And finally, Tom wraps things up with a penetrating summation that gets right to the heart of what has to be done.

It is fair to say that the information on this DVD is not available anywhere else in the media catalogs of the world - and much of this information is in the public arena for the first time.

Much more to come in later segments!

2 hours 9 minutes – Widescreen 16x9 – DVD-R




NTSC format

USD $29.00

U.S. version

PAL format

USD $31.00

Australia, UK

Explore the fascinating physics of Energy from the Vacuum in the book.

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