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Discovering Magnetism
with Howard Johnson, Dr. Gerhard Beyer, and Steve Davis

Plot of a Magnetic Vortex

This fascinating video was recently donated to Cheniere Media by world-renowned magnetism researcher Howard Johnson.

In it, Howard demonstrates a number of his unique magnetic gates, which accelerate cars on tracks using the little-known ability of magnets to fire bursts of energy like guns. These forces –  what Nobelist Richard Feynman termed "exchange forces" –  can be up to a thousand times more powerful than the base magnet strength. With the camera running, one of the cars even accelerates from rest loaded with a 35-pound lead weight.

Filmed at Virginia Tech over 20 years ago and hosted by Dr. Gerhard Beyer, Distinguished Professor and co-researcher (one of the original atomic bomb scientists), the DVD also shows how the team of Beyer, Johnson and Davis actually performed their ground-breaking work of mapping the real magnetic fields surrounding magnets. These are actually very different and much more complex than what most of us have been taught. The surprising data revealed by these plots underpins the magnetic gate prototype.

The video has been digitally re-mastered and converted to DVD. It also offers some provocative End Notes. Discovering Magnetism is compelling viewing for the curious person of any age who wants to learn how things really work. It's also a great companion to Howard Johnson's book The Secret World of Magnets, both available exclusively from The Tom Bearden Website.

20 minutes   digitally remastered  – DVD-R

NTSC format

USD $25.00


PAL format

USD $25.00

Want to learn even  more?  The companion book 
The Secret World of Magnets includes  numerous magnetic field plots and  diagrams of  magnetic gates.

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