Mysticism?  Voodoo?

The very mention of the word Radionics evokes a strange sense of curiosity and puzzlement.

Why is Radionics always a footnote, and never the subject of discussion?

Why is is always alluded to, but never explained?

Well, there are very good reasons for this, as its implications are both astounding and dire.

In 1990 Tom Bearden delivered a spell-binding lecture in Atlanta, Georgia, about Radionics, and Cheniere Media is now pleased to announce the re-release of this masterpiece as the latest DVD in its Foundations Series.  The presentation has been extensively re-mastered, and contains much new material, including a 2006 update by Tom Bearden.

This is simply one of the most illuminating physics lectures ever given, as Tom connects all the dots with a plethora of slides and illustrations starting from the vacuum and its relation to parapsychology, to healing, to the almost inevitable pirating of the technology by the weapons manufacturers.

Running at a little over 90 minutes, this DVD is now available in both NTSC and PAL.

(DVD-R only)