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Output was always bigger then input”—Canadian/ Belgian research team, April 2011



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A candid shot of John Bedini taken during the filming of the Documentary Series


A Partial List of Successful Documented EM Over-Unity and Negative Resistor Devices and Processes (in no particular order)

There are at least 20 or more legitimate COP>1.0 EM power systems by various inventors and researchers in the U.S. alone”—Tom Bearden

Things we must include in a legitimate theory of overunity EM devices Tom Bearden


Note:  A number of working overunity devices can be built from the plans posted on John Bedini's Website.  Tom Bearden advises that these devices will work only if they are built exactly as shown, with no deviations or improvements.

The Kawai overunity magnetic motor can also be built directly from the Patent plans - see below

   NEW  added 5/2/2021  

In 1269 A.D. Peter Peregrinus wrote a treatise on a free energy machine, a permanent magnetic motor.
excerpted from the February 1994 "Energy in Motion" Newsletter, published and edited by Gary and John Bedini.

See the details (includes Lee Bowman's 1954 replication details).

  1. Viktor Klimov's work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory     NEW 8 August 2021
  2. The Adams Motor     NEW 1 August 2021
    John Bedini's Lab Notes
  3. Telluric Electricity    NEW
    T.Townsend Brown article
    added 1/4/2021
  4. Edwin Gray's Splitting the Positive Engine    UPDATE

  5. The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

  6. Tesla's Single Wire Circuit and Energy Shuttling

  7. The Moray Radiant Energy Device 

  8. Gabriel Kron's Negative Resistor

  9. Moscow University's' Parametric Oscillator Generators

  10. The Minuteman Missile

  11. Golden's Conditioned Vacuum Motor

  12. Fogal's Charge-Barrier Semiconductor

  13. The Original point-contact Transistor

  14. Cold Fusion Experiments

  15. Ferroelectric Capacitors and the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier

  16. Battery "back-poppers"
    Bedini, Nelson, Watson

  17. Kawai magnetic motor

  18. Magnetic Wankel engine
    (Takahashi motor)

  19. Howard Johnson motors

  20. Floyd Sweet Triode

  21. Dr. Deborah Chung's Negative Resistor

  22. Dr. Randell Mills and Blacklight Power

  23. Scott McKie's New Energy Device

  24. Anti-Stokes Emission
    Patterson, Letokhov, Lawandy

  25. Generic Schematic/Circuit Diagram

  26. A static Poynting S-flow Free-Energy Generator

  27. The Bohren Experiment
    18 times input power

  28. The Fiber-Fuse Effect

  29. The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

  30. Demonstration of an Overunity Concept by Asymmetrical Self-Regauging

  31. The Final Secret of Free Energy
    4 - part series

  32. Bridging Enables COP>0

  33. Scalar Energy Tap of the Earth's Core

  34. A simple COP=1.25 experiment

  35. Casimir Effect

  36. Tapping the Brownian Motion of Ions 

  37. The Atomic Hydrogen Reaction  

  38. Quantum potential energy amplifier

  39. Alfred M. Hubbard Coil Generator    NEW

  40. Lester Hendershot Fuelless Motor    NEW

  41. Nathan Stubblefield - Earth Battery    NEW
    Stubblefield actually called it an energy receiver, a receptive cell for intercepting electrical ground waves, also listed are a list of numerous other successful Earth Batteries, dating back to 1837

  42. Professor Alexander Chernetsky's Vacuum-Plasma Energy Converter    NEW

  43. Joseph Newman's machine     NEW

  44. John Bedini's G-field generator - the Kromrey Converter    NEW
    This concept does in fact work. It took me over a year, 4 rotor designs, and 5 coil designs, but I now have a working model that provides the CFL lighting for my 2-bedroom apt. It's not earth-shattering power, I realize, but it does work. Also, I would never try to 'go public' with something like this; far too much drama. I'll just keep using my little machine to save about $150/month and call it a 'win' :)—Comment on YouTube
  45. The Lockridge Device    NEW

  46. The Zero Fuel Engine System from Designex    NEW

  47. Alexander Nikulov's Quantum Power Source    NEW
    Tom Bearden writes: See, e.g., Alexey Nikulov, "Quantum Power Source."  It contains the detailed explanation, etc. and also additional references in the published literature. This is really good scientific work.  It appears that some 108 of these could be placed on a surface about 1 cm square, to provide one watt of power for free.  By multilayering the squares, one could build up a little power supply of, say, 100 watts.  It could sit there and power a 100 watt load continuously, with no problem.  The work was supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, and is part of their program on "Low Dimensional Quantum Structures".

  48. Doyle Noyes system.    NEW
    Experimentally proven in heating a number of buildings in Kentucky and Canada with no input power. Explanation by Tom Bearden

  49. Advanced thermion particle reactor    NEW
    invented by Jayson T Benedict Civil Engineers Europe/Belgium

  50. Viktor Schauberger's Implosion Turbine    NEW

  51. Karl Schappeller's Prime Mover    NEW
    courtesy of Rex Research

    Tom Bearden slide about Schappeller

  52. The Tewari Reactionless Generator    NEW
    Invented by Paramahamsa Tewari
    Information courtesy of Toby Grotz
  53. C.E. Ammann and his Atmospheric Generator attached to an Electric Car in 1921     NEW
    information courtesy of Vinyasi

    Two other reputable sources of Free Energy information

  54. Patrick Kelly's Free Energy Files    NEW

  55. Rex Research Files    NEW

According to free energy researcher Patrick Kelly

If you feel that this opposition to free-energy and related technology is a figment of my imagination and that the people who state that more than 40,000 free-energy device patents have already been suppressed, then please consider this extract from a 2006 reminder to Patent Office staff in America to single out all patents which have to do with free-energy and any related subjects and take those patent applications to their supervisors to be dealt with differently to other patent applications:

B.      Subject matter of special interest in TC 2800

  1. Perpetual motion machines; classes 310 and 290
  2. Anti-gravity devices
  3. Room temperature superconductivity; class 310
  4. Free energy—Tachyons, etc.
  5. Gain-Assisted Superluminal Light Propagation (faster than the speed of light); class 702, 359
  6. Other matters that violate the general laws of physics; classes 73, 290.
  7. Applications containing claims to subject matter which, if issued, would generate unfavorable publicity for the USPTO, class 84, 702.
  8. Reexamination proceedings involving patents in litigation and:
    The court decision/verdict is subject to review by the Supreme Court
    The court decision includes high monetary awards
    The technology and companies involved would likely generate high publicity