The Tom Bearden





This book is an expanded and updated version of a Close Hold briefing given in 2003
to the Head of State and Foreign Minister of a friendly nation.

Table of Contents:

Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.

Cold War Development of Scalar Interferometry

Incidents Where Outside Intervention Saved the United States

Yakuza Acquisition of Soviet Superweapons

Our Desperate Need to Correct the Seriously Flawed Classical Electromagnetics (CEM) and Electrical Engineering (EE) Models

How the Notion of Transverse EM Waves in Space Originated

CEM and EE Still Erroneously Assume the Old Material Ether

Our Archaic and Flawed Situation in CEM/EE Today

Other Severe Foundations Errors in Our CEM/EE

The Development of Scalar Interferometry

The Yakuza Strategic Role in Our Present Terrorism Threat

Suppression of "Energy-from-the-Vacuum" Electrical Systems

Yakuza Production of Portable Scalar Interferometers

Afghanistan, Iraq, Al Qaida, and Intended Muslim Jihad

Our Analysts Missed the Yakuza’s Key Role and Significant Aspects of the Centrally-Coordinated KGB/FSB Strategic Plan

Coup de Grace: Strategic Strikes of Great Magnitude

Summary of Some Weather Engineering and Other Capabilities

U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased

Insertions Far Exceeding Public Acknowledgment

Modern Asymmetrical War: The Scorpion Duel

Distant Military Actions: Necessary but Not Sufficient

Asymmetric Warfare Simplified: An Overview

A Few Questions to be Answered

The Ease with which Terrorists Could Obtain WMDs

A Simple but Lethal Strategic Strike with Horrific Casualties

The True Cause of Gulf War Disease

Terrorism by Electromagnetic Biological Warfare

Unethical Release of U.S-Made BW Mycoplasma

No Effective Treatment for Mass Casualties

Impact of Immune System Spreading

Impact of Smallpox Release

The Grim Nuclear Problem

Harshness of the Terrible Decontamination Problem

Summary and Conclusion



PART A: Statement; Preface; Foreword; Summary

PART B: Background and Weapons Testing

PART C: Move Toward First Strategic Energetics Attack

PART D: Second and Third Attacks Scheduled and Aborted

PART E: Bioenergetics and Its Weaponization

PART F: Psychoenergetics and Its Weaponization


PART H: APPENDIX; Problems in Western Science

PART I: APPENDIX; Vulnerability of Network-Centric Warfare

368 pages

520 slides