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"In 1999, the Earth's first strategic sub-space
war was silently fought and won..."

2nd Edition - 2002

The Russians have sustained the largest weapons development program ever launched by any nation, and they have kept it effectively hidden from prying Western eyes. I have called this program Fer-de-Lance, after the deadly South American pit viper of that name.

The dreaded fer-de-lance is a snake of great agility and lethal effect. It often ambushes its hapless prey, striking unexpectedly and without warning. Its first sudden strike is usually lethal to its victim, which promptly expires in writhing agony. Since the Soviet development of scalar EM weapons has been designed for the same purpose, the name seems appropriate.


Roy Brewer briefs Presiden Reagan on scalar weapons

October 1984: Roy Brewer briefs President Reagan about scalar EM weapons at Tom Bearden's request.  Then briefs National Security Council.
Three times Reagan ordered his Defense Secretary to take action, but none of the three did so because the U.S. Intelligence Community didn't believe it, and opposed any action.

(Full story in 2nd Edition, "Fer de Lance")



Mad Scramble of Soviet Science After the End of WW II

One Institute Had 2,000 PhDs and a Full Support Staff

Situation in the Early 1950s

1963 Deployment and Immediate Use of Scalar Interferometers

An Example of Russian Technology Astonishing Western Scientists

Softening of Metal at a Distance Was One Effect Used Against the Challenger

Energetics: Three Branches and a Strategic Deception Plan

Strategic Attacks Scheduled and Why We Were Not Destroyed

Attempts to Alert the Nation

The Responses

Effective Survival Treatment of Mass Casualties Could Be Developed

The Official Silence Was Deafening

The Long Dry Spell in Correcting Electrodynamics May Be Slowly Ending

Engineerable Unified Field Theory Is Now Clearly Appearing

Examples of Some Major Non Sequiturs in Conventional Electrodynamics

Wide Confusion of Cause and Effect

CSRs: Engineering the Unobserved Causal Side To Create Functional Systems

Making the First CSR is Extremely Difficult; Making a Million Copies Is Easy

In 1999 The KGB Deployed Massive Numbers of CSRs for a Strategic Attack

How the Asymmetrically Deployed Strategic Attack Was Stopped in Its Tracks

The Mostly-Ignored Time-Energy Interaction

Development of Threats and Scheduled Attacks Aborted

Live Destructive Tests Over and Near the U.S. Have Continued

The Scientific Basis For Energetics Weapons Is Established

Our Situation Here In the U.S. Is Precarious

The Dominant Weapons Are Quantum Potential Weapons

Cellular Time Reversal: Revolutionary Healing by a Team of French Scientists

Becker's Study of the Cellular Regeneration System

Need to Correct and Extend Classical Electrodynamics

The Situation Is Serious

A New Manhattan Project Is Warranted


The U.S. Narrowly Escaped Energetics Destruction Twice in 1997

Initiation of the Brazilian Energetics Weapon Program

Related Phenomena

Stalin Personally Initiated the Soviet Energetics Program with the Greatest Urgency

A Great Technical Breakthrough in Physics Can Always be Had in Four Years

A Typical Example: The Suppression of Cold Fusion

Revolutionary New Processes Are Hidden in the Cold Fusion Experimental Results

Stalin’s Dictatorial Impact on Soviet Scientific Management’s Response

Our Own Science Community's Progress During These Decades

U.S. Scientists Have Committed Monstrous Crimes and Gone Unpunished

Energetics: New Principles of Physics and How the Soviets Found Them

Longitudinal EM Wave Interferometry Energetics Was Almost Immediately Uncovered

By 1950 Russian Energetics Was Off and Running

Deployment of the Soviet Energetics Weapons and Their Quick Use

Why the Soviets Could Continue to Attack and Kill U.S. Targets with Impunity

The Science Behind the Soviet Energetics Weapons

The Importance of Scalar Photons and Time-Density Waves

Psychoenergetics: Engineering the Mind-Matter Interaction by Engineering Mind

Quantum Potential Weapons Are Utilized in All Three Energetics Branches

The Importance of Longitudinal EM Waves

Energy, Wave Energy, and Wave Speed are All Dramatically Altered

A Process for Creating Longitudinal and Time-Density EM Waves

Quantum Potentials and Multiply Connected Spacetime

Need for Caution with QPs Used Against Biological Organisms

A Hypothetical Example

The QP Weapon Is a Superb Energy Amplifier "For Free"

Other Novel Uses of QP Weapons

The U.S. Narrowly Escaped Destruction Twice in 1997 Alone

Purpose of the Novel Attack on Captain Button

Rogue Japanese (Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo) Have a Role

Inducing the Gulf War Disease

40-Years of Russian Induction of Diseases In U.S. Embassy Personnel

Western Electrodynamics Is in Sad Shape

Toward a Deeper Electrodynamics

Time Is Highly Compacted Energy

The New Transduction Model Explains the Cold Fusion Results and Mechanisms

Why There Is a Time Delay in the Onset of Cold Fusion Phenomena

The Early Soviet Longitudinal Wave Interferometers

Khrushchev Killed the Thresher to Prevent His Own Dismissal

Khrushchev Demonstrated the Powerful Blast Capability of Strategic Interferometry

Weather Engineering Over North America

Earthquakes to Order

Readying the Weapons for the 1985 Readiness Demonstration Tests

Meeting the 1985 Schedule for Readiness

KGB Crews Regularly Practiced Against U.S. Rocket Launches from Cape Canaveral

Kill of the Arrow DC: Practice Turned into Performance

The Arrow Pilot Sensed the Lack of Power, But the Aircraft Was Immediately Hit

Elements of the U.S. Government Deliberately Suppressed Vital Evidence

Other Direct Energetics Signatures on the Arrow DC-8

Other Acts of War Completed the Milestone

Kill of the Titan Missile Over Vandenberg Air Force Base

Dead-Man Fuzing and Outside Assistance Deterred a Full Strategic Attack in 1986

What Really Happened in the Chernobyl Disaster

The High Side Risk Factor

The Low Side Risk Factor

Consequences of Not Taking Counterfire Action

My Recommendation to the Counterfire Group

The Group Fired and Took Out a Transmitter

Results at the Transmitter and at Chernobyl

Kill of the Challenger Included Use of Metal-Softening

Cold Molding: An Epilog to the Metal-Softening Donnybrook

Additional Update from Year 1998 to Year 2,000 Has Been Given

There is Also a Severe Bioenergetics (EM Biological Warfare) Threat

National Institute of Health Reaction

How the New Revolution in Medical Healing Works

What the French Researchers Showed

How the Regeneration Mechanism Was Finally Deciphered

Cellular and Body Rejuvenation are Possible, Once the Technology is Developed

How Many Americans Could Be Saved?

There Are No Resistant Strains to the New Technology, and There Cannot Be Any

Results of the Priore’ Treatments Are Well-Documented and Independently Supported

The Present Threat Is Urgent, and Our Strategic Destruction is Still at Issue

Desperately Needed Defensive Capabilities Can be Provided by a QP Solution

In Conclusion



Scalar Electromagnetics is Electrogravitation


Energetics and Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs)

The Soviets Use a Deception Plan

Destruction of the Challenger in January 1986

Technological Surprise and a New Hiroshima

We Have Given Up Defense in the Larger Sense


Slide 001: Characterization

Slide 002: Outline

Slide 003: Elements of the Emerging Theory

Slide 004: Three Kinds of Electromagnetics

Slide 005: Bohm-Aharonov Effect

Slide 006: A-Field is Real

Slide 007: Quantum Non-Locality

Slide 008: Vector Mathematics has a Fundamental Problem

Slide 009: The Zero-Vector Axiom

Slide 010: Are These Systems Equal?

Slide 011: Infolded Systems are Excluded by Physics

Slide 012: Kaluza Geometry

Slide 013: A Potential is a Change in the Stress of Vacuum

Slide 014: Type of Potential Depends on the Particle(s)

Slide 015: A Potential Extends to Infinity & Involves the Entire Universe

Slide 016: A Natural Potential

Slide 017: An Artificial Potential

Slide 018: Producing an Artificial Potential

Slide 019: If No Observable Mass Flows:

Slide 020: Gravitational Potential: A Conglomerate of Stress Types

Slide 021: What Gravitational Field Is

Slide 022: EM Force Fields are Releases of Gravitational Potential via Observable Mass Flows

Slide 023: Scalar O-Wave Production

Slide 024: Scalar Electromagnetics

Slide 025: Rogers’ Undersea & Underground Communications Systems

Slide 026: How does the Rogers System Work?

Slide 027: Scalar EM Waves are Emitted & Absorbed by the Nucleus

Slide 028: Nuclei of the Universe Continually Exchange Scalar EM Waves

Slide 029: Converting EM Field Energy to G-Field Energy & Vice-Versa

Slide 030: Normal EM Bleeds-Off G-Field

Slide 031: Scalar EM Forces 4-D G-Field

Slide 032: Detection of Electro-Gravitation

Slide 033: Scalar Wave Detector

Slide 034: Scalar Resonance

Slide 035: Scalar Resonance

Slide 036: Scalar Resonance Currents

Slide 037: Transverse Wave Interference

Slide 038: Transverse Wave Interference

Slide 039: Creating Energy at a Distance

Slide 040: Exothermic Mode (Scalar Interferometer)

Slide 041: Endothermic Mode (Scalar Interferometer)

Slide 042: Tesla’s "Big Eye" for Remote Viewing

Slide 043: Site of Mystery Cloud

Slide 044: Mushroom Cloud from Sea off Japan near Russian Test Area

Slide 045: Mushroom Cloud Rising from Sea

Slide 046: Mushroom Cloud from Sea off Japan

Slide 047: Not a Known Natural Phenomenon

Slide 048: Explosive Events seen on Soviet Island

Slide 049: Explosive Events seen on Soviet Island

Slide 050: Explosive Events seen on Soviet Islands

Slide 051: Creating a Spatial Ø-Field Pattern

Slide 052: Tesla Shield

Slide 053: Expanding Dome-like Phenomenon

Slide 054: Hemisphere & Globes 1977

Slide 055: Saryshagan Direction, September 1979

Slide 056: Continuous Tesla EMP Globe

Slide 057: Mysterious Light over North Pacific

Slide 058: White Sphere seen in North Atlantic 1976

Slide 059: Continuous Tesla Fireball

Slide 060: Terminal ABM System

Slide 062: ABM Defenses

Slide 063: Network of Virtual Transmitters

Slide 064: Network of Virtual Transmitters

Slide 065: Launch Phase ABM System

Slide 066: Soviet Command & Control Concept

Slide 067: Launch Phase ABM System (Anti-SLBM)

Slide 068: Detecting & Marking Missile Launch

Slide 069: Destroying the Launched Missiles

Slide 070: Shift to Anti-Sub Mode

Slide 071: Shifting to Earthquake Mode

Slide 072: Suppression Attack—MARVs (without defenses)

Slide 073: Suppression Attack—MARVs (with defenses)

Slide 074: Response to Counterforce Strike with No Defense

Slide 075: Response to Counterforce Strike with Defense

Slide 076: Clear Communications

Slide 077: Unique Communications

Slide 078: Mine Countermeasures—Orthodox System

Slide 079: Mine Countermeasures—Scalar EM Systems

Slide 080: Scalar Anti-Personnel Weapon

Slide 081: Afghanistan

Slide 082: Scalar Anti-Tank Weapon

Slide 083: Scalar Anti-Aircraft Weapon

Slide 084: Scalar Anti-Aircraft Weapon

Slide 085: An Effective Penetration Aid

Slide 086: Unique Capabilities: ATM/AD/AARTY

Slide 087: Unique Capabilities

Slide 088: Unique Capabilities

Slide 089: Unique Capabilities

Slide 090: Unique Capabilities: Penetrate Shielding

Slide 091: Multi-Purpose Weaponry

Slide 092: Multi-Purpose Weaponry

Slide 093: Multi-Purpose Weaponry

Slide 094: Unique Capabilities: Heat Extraction

Slide 095: Unique Capabilities: Cold Explosions

Slide 096: The Transmitter is the Major Weapon

Slide 097: Star Wars—The Final Frontier?

Slide 098: Comparison of EM Concepts (Chart)

Slide 099: Comparison of EM Concepts (Chart)

Slide 100: Comparison of EM Concepts (Chart)

Slide 101: Summary (1)

Slide 102: Summary (1)

Slide 103: Summary (2)

Slide 104: Summary (3)

Slide 105: Summary (4)

Slide 106: Soviet Defense Against Missiles

Slide 107: Surprise by Using Secret Weapons

Slide 108: Something Russia Doesn’t Want the U.S. to Know





























Figure 1 Stalin’s dictum removed any resistance from his scientific community.

Figure 2 Typical shield test, northern route to Japan, seen by passing airliner.

Figure 3 Giant missile shield test seen by passing ship's crew.

Figure 4 Nick Downie's sighting from the ground of distant Soviet missile shield tests.

Figure 5 Scalar (longitudinal EM wave) interferometer.

Figure 6 Kill of the U.S.S. Thresher. With her controls jammed, the hull of the doomed submarine implodes when she reaches crush depth

Figure 7 Proof of metal-softening signal: Golden softens nails with amplified Woodpecker signal.

Figure 8 Three branches of Russian energetics weapons.

Figure 9 Quantum potential instantly attacking widely separated targets.

Figure 10 Causal system robots (CSRs). These are sets of ST curvature engines, with functions organized into a single complex weapon system with communication, propagation, weapons effects, and command and control functions incorporated. When the CSR interacts with mass, the mass performs those system functions.

Figure 11 Microwave radiation of U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Figure 12 Priore' laboratory and device for treating small animals.

Figure 13 Portable unit for rapid treatment of mass casualties.

Figure 14 The mass destruction weapons threat to our populace.

Figure 15 Soviet EM missile strike offset from U.S. shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral on 26 Nov. 1985. This is the smoking gun.

Figure 16 Marker beacon above U.S. shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral, 26 Nov. 1985. Russian crews were using shuttle launches as practice ICBM launch targets.

Figure 17 Kill of the Arrow DC-8 at Gander, Newfoundland Dec. 12, 1985.

Figure 18 The principle of general relativity extended to include the concept of the vacuum engine.

Figure 19 Mass reproduction of a CSR is simple and inexpensive. The CSR resides in, or propagates inside, any EM signal, potential, or field.

Figure 20 Present author struck by CSR in latter 1999 as a deliberate nonfatal stimulus.

Figure 21 Example of a time-reversed zone nuclear reaction common in successful cold fusion experiments.

Figure 22 Captain Button's bizarre flight to his death on 2 April 1997.

Figure 23 Captain Button's flyaway path to his eventual fatal crash.

Figure 24 Climbing out of low-level ordnance delivery, Captain Svoboda suddenly dives headlong to her death on 27 May 1997.

Figure 25 U.S. air strike on Libya, April 1986.

Figure 26 Simplified diagram of the immune system.

Figure 27 Becker's theoretical control system involved with response to injury.

Figure 28 Becker's proposed control system governing regeneration.

Figure 29 Author's deeper block diagram of the cellular regeneration system.

Figure 30 Kaznacheyev's electromagnetic induction of cellular disease and disorder.

Figure 31 Becker's epochal bone fracture healing.

Figure 32 Infolded longitudinal EM biwaves composition of a scalar potential, per Whittaker 1903.

Figure 33 Planned KGB/Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo attack in 1997 was foreshadowed in public statements made by Shoko Asahara.

Figure 34 Kill of TWA Flight 800 on 17 July 1996 by Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo.

Figure 35 Exothermic (cold) explosion off the Kurils 9 April 1984. A second test, an expanding globe of light, was added in the exothermic mode to demonstrate rapid serial switching between weapon modes.

Figure 36 Energy extracted from the vacuum by the asymmetry of the source dipole powers every electric power line and electric circuit.

Figure 37 Electronuclear reaction in a time-reversed zone producing excess deuterium ions.

Figure 38 Electronuclear reaction in a time-reversed zone producing excess alpha particles.

Figure 39 This polluted and suffering planet. Direct result of the scientific community's adamant resistance to upgrading classical electrodynamics and electrical engineering.

Figure 40 Scalar interferometry in the endothermic (cooling) mode.

Figure 41 Scalar interferometry in the exothermic (heating) mode.

Figure 42 Deep underwater nuclear burst, demonstrating same water phenomenology produced by Khrushchev's second demonstration on 11 Apr. 1963, the day after killing the U.S.S. Thresher.

Figure 43 America's national style: we do not react to slowly increasing threats.

Figure 44 The only energy resource problem is the theoretical ostrich problem in science. We must become theoretical owls, rather than ostriches.

Figure 45 Mind levels are subject to engineering by higher group symmetry electromagnetic (psychoenergetic) weapons. electromagnetic (psychoenergetic) weapons.

Figure 46 A living biological system (psychoenergetics view).

Figure 47 Velocity is rotation. Necessary to understand the mind-body coupling mechanism.

Figure 48 Mind-body coupling mechanism at work.

Figure 49 Prioré's large plasma tube installation in his 3-stories-high treatment facility for humans. Results obtained in animal experiments were also duplicated in human experiments.

Figure 50 Typical Miller-Fox-Urey biogenesis experimental apparatus.

Figure 51 The shadow disease state is that structured virtual state level of the promoting disease engine template, at which the immune system reacts.

Figure 52 Simultaneous dudding of nuclear weapons worldwide. Also duds nuclear reactors and nuclear propulsion systems.

Figure 53 Spreading (thinning) the immune system's ability available to meet a new pathogen.

Figure 54 Counting rifles with earthquakes: Put up or shut up.

Figure 55 Brewer briefs President Reagan on Soviet scalar EM weapons October, 1984, then briefs National Security Council

Figure 56 Extinguishing combustion in the engines of a jetliner 19 Feb. 1985.

Figure 57 Chernobyl disaster 25-26 April 1986.

Figure 58 "Bottling up" shield practice over Atlanta 12 Nov. 1986. With a real shield, aircraft or missiles flying into it (from inside or from outside) explode and are destroyed.

Figure 59 The superpower paradox: Asymmetric cheap WMD strategic strikes and destruction, later becoming extremely high tech and extreme yield.

Figure 60 Block diagram of Priore's healing (regenerative and time-reversing) process.

Figure 61 Pautrizel's proof of time reversal of the stricken cells back to a previous state.