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I first found the web site while searching for information on free energy.  The information I have found here has been the best and most reliable that I have found anywhere.  Thank you for making this available.

—Richard C., Flagstaff, Arizona, 21 May 2014

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There is enough energy inside the space in this empty cup to boil all the oceans of the world.  This is a fact well known to the scientific community, and was, for example, a favorite quote of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman.


Two Nobel prizes were awarded in 1957 to Lee and Yang for substantiating the extraction process for this energy.

Tom Bearden
referring to "Broken Symmetry"

  added 7/14/2021  

The Bedini/TÜV affair finally exposed by John and his financier


  added 5/15/2021  

Editorial highlights misguided attempts to replace oil.

“.....Some predictions are just scenarios while others are ambitious and proposed by climate change policy advocates. Almost all involve various assumptions that are not well supported by real-world behavior.”

“....Gasoline has 40 times the energy density of batteries and refueling times of 3-4 minutes are superior to the 20-40 minutes that even a fast charging station requires for a partial battery powered EV charge.”  


The only viable alternative to all current power generation systems is the unlimited, non-polluting and free Energy from the VacuumTM


  added 4/22/2021  

Bench test and reports by Tom Bearden, Tom Herold and Eike Muller
1984 and 1985 from the John Bedini Lab on the  Kromrey Converter and Tesla Switch

3 hour DVD from John Bedini explains and demonstrates several working Tesla Switch models


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This concept (Kromrey Converter) does in fact work. It took me over a year, 4 rotor designs, and 5 coil designs, but I now have a working model that provides the CFL lighting for my 2-bedroom apt. It's not earth-shattering power, I realize, but it does work. Also, I would never try to 'go public' with something like this; far too much drama. I'll just keep using my little machine to save about $150/month and call it a 'win' :)”     —Comment on YouTube

The greater the load drawn by the generator, the faster and easier the generator runs and the less drive power is consumed.

The generator will run even more easily and faster with its output shorted.


Finally Re-published!
The book that Tom Bearden was told to remove from the Internet

The precursor to his seminal book
“Energy from the Vacuum”


NASA successfully tests space drive self-powered by energy from the vacuum

Test results indicate that the RF resonant cavity thruster design, which is unique as an electric propulsion device, is producing a force that is not attributable to any classical electromagnetic phenomenon and therefore is potentially demonstrating an interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma” —  NASA

Multiple peer reviewed tests confirm results


Tom Bearden explains how the Kanzius process burns water and how precursor engineering can engineer reality itself.  90 minute DVD.


FIRST 43 DVDs in the Energy from the Vacuum™ Science Series now available as a two box set    

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The source charge problem—“the most difficult problem in classical and quantum electrodynamics*solved by Tom Bearden.

*— Prof. Emeritus Dipak K. Sen,
Dept. of Mathematics,
U. of Toronto

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(weapons and EM healing)


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